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Restoration Contractor

in the Charleston, SC area

Fire, wind, water, hail. These can be a home's worst enemy.  When damage occurs, it triggers a series of events.  Not the least of which is working with insurance companies to approve the cost of repairs that are now desperately needed.  As a restoration contractor, Icon Construction jumps into action to quickly put that process in motion for our clients. With approvals in hand, we will begin cleaning up the damage and then start construction to restore your home, making it fully livable and beautiful again.

Starting the Restoration Process

We know that when a home has been damaged it's stressful wading through the process. As a restoration contractor, you can count on us to:

  • Clean Up - Fire, water and other disasters leave a mess behind, we get to work quickly to remove the mess and mitigate further damage (e.g., mold)
  • Assess the Damage - And ensure that the insurance company sees it
  • Create a Scope of Work Agreement - This is the work that needs to be performed
  • Estimating the Cost - You'll be liable to pay your homeowner's insurance deductible, and your insurance company will pay the balance of the repairs
  • Insurance Company Negotiations - We will negotiate fair pricing for the restoration repairs in order for the property to be restored to whole or pre-damage condition

(We can complete the home restoration process from start to finish, or come in after clean-up by another third party has been completed.)

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